VA – Yaiza 300 [Yaiza Records]

Here you can upon this titanic voting for in which all are altogether new tracks. Yaiza records originate it's excellent circulate of 2016, Yaiza "300". After a lot of years working we achieved 300 releases and now we are bringing a 15 tracks opting for where you can locate: Techno, Token & Tech Parliament crowded of excellence from some of our most qualified artists! Aspire you can use it some on your sets!

Made In Riot, Yanova - Bla Bla Bla (Original Mix)
D-Formation - Tech On (Original Mix)
Otto Manz, Obtus - Obot (Original Mix)
Ellie Pettersson - Bastet (Original Mix)
Joe Red - Gecko (Original Mix)
David Ardila - Metronome (Original Mix)
CL-ljud - Damm (Original Mix)
Kimao - MadModular (Original Mix)
Falconne - Nox (Original Mix)
Marc Modena - Skyline (Original Mix)
DMILE - Hop99 (Original Mix)
Ivan Valls - Element (Original Mix)
Max Tresher - Singing Comet (Original Mix)
Polo Martin - NICE (Original Mix)
Joseph Gaex - Tucanish (Original Mix)