VA – World Meeting Tech Project [Planet Minimal (Plusquam)]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the the public

MicRoCheep, Mollo, wHispeRer - No Idea (Original Mix)
Fritz Fridulin, H3lmet, wHispeRer - Chaos Category (Original Mix)
Aron De Lima, wHispeRer - Oops (Original Mix)
Feyser, wHispeRer - WTF FTW (Original Mix)
Damolh33, wHispeRer - Fly (Original Mix)
Luix Spectrum, wHispeRer - The Kids Want Techno (Gitech Remix)
Nick K, wHispeRer - Everyfresh (Original Mix)
wHispeRer, Joe Maleda - Control (Original Mix)
Phase Difference, wHispeRer - Zabula (Original Mix)
wHispeRer, Morry - Minimal Mind (Original Mix)
Narkosky, wHispeRer - Anemia (Original Mix)
wHispeRer, Joe Maleda - Control (Thomas Calcatelli Groovy Mix)
wHispeRer, Alberto Rizzo - Discoba (Original Mix)
wHispeRer, Bass Monta - Right Here Right Now (Original Mix)