VA – Workout Fitness For Your Body With Motivation & Training, Sport & Gym, Vol.4 [Forsage Records (Exia Recordings)]

All from motivation, sport, gym, edm, sex, training, girls, auto, style, energy, workout, fitness, strong, running, meditation, speed, body
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

The Mord, Nichenka Zoranaya - Fashion Show (Original Mix)
Chacon - Eclipse (Original Mix)
Area Sixty-Two - Thallium (Original Mix)
Fernando Lopez Pina, Arcangelo Forleo - Promises (Original Mix)
Mak5ast - On The Beach (Mak5ast's 'Summer 2016' Mix)
Vitaliy Black - When The Night Comes (Original Mix)
ALEO - Haribda (Original Mix)
Soursop - Mellowness (Original Mix)
Ainur Davletov - One Night (Original Mix)
PAV - The City Keeps The Secrets (Original Mix)
Pictures - Pythic (Original Mix)
DJ.TORNIKE - My Colorful Memories (Original Mix)
Jeanra - Monarky (Original Mix)
Opium - Utto (Original Mix)
Vitaliy Black - Have It All (Original Mix)
Max Lake - Trick Or Treat (Original Mix)
TZBBN - Orion (Original Mix)
Double Creativity - All In Your Hands 2016 (Original Mix)
DJ Sedatophobia - Drizzle (Original Mix)
TZBBN - Freeman (Original Mix)
Sound Diller, Dirty Pariaxe - Rage (Original Mix)
Paul Patsan - Astrotype (Original Mix)
Paul Daemon - Sunrise (Original Mix)
SpaceDin - Renaissance (Original Mix)
Dj Wist - Intervention Sounds (Original Mix)