VA – Where The Shadows Live, Chapter 2 [Inside Out Records]

Inside Out Records has not released a VA in three years. The time has come this summer for a new chapter of ''Where The Shadows Live'', a compilation consisting of new faces and established usual suspects all sharing one thing in common; great music.

About Paula - Kydaar (Original Mix)
Neferiel - The Mist (Original Mix)
Kosmas - Cables n Stuff (Original Mix)
Julien Piacentino - Dualism (Original Mix)
Hats & Klaps - R-Zone (Original Mix)
Navitas - East Suns (Original Mix)
Chaty, Tamez - Nemesis (Original Mix)
Darien J - Progress (Original Mix)
Clode - Infinite Love (Original Mix)
Dinamica - 1970 feat. Savich & Tip D'Oris (Original Mix)