VA – We Need Minimal Vol.4 [YURKO RECORDS]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the the human race

Daniel Aguayo, Saul Espada - Like That (Original Mix)
Insidious, Abduction - Enter Hell (Original Mix)
Albert Pinillos - One More (Original Mix)
Sykes Ben, Rafy - First (Original Mix)
Sunshine State, Daniel Aguayo - Kakaolat (Original Mix)
Alien MNML - Dark Monkey (Original Mix)
Dominique Costa, Daniel Aguayo - Bizkochet (Vocal In The Mix Edit)
Daniel Aguayo - Babylon (Original Mix)
Beatronic - Devil Universum (Original Mix)
Daniel Aguayo - Don't Panic (Original Mix)
Zcxropo - Wood (Original Mix)
Dominique Costa, Daniel Aguayo - Salix (Original Mix)
Darkvibe - Bullshit Overdose (Original Mix)
Daniel Aguayo - Movement (Original Mix)