VA – Vive La France [EAC Records]

Usual french music. Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from roughly the everyone Contact France, its petit bistros and fanciful alleyways.

Theo Degler - Marseille (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Michael Bibo - Seine Souris (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Michael Bibo - Chanson De Marie (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Paris (Original Mix)
Johannes Bickler - Une Promenade Avec Moi (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Cannes (Original Mix)
Camino de Lobo - Nostalgie De Paris (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Michael Bibo - La Lune (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - French Walkways (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - San Tropez (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig - Un Matin A Paris (Original Mix)
D. A. S. - Rainy Day In Paris (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Lyon (Original Mix)
Felix Thoma - Traditional France (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Michael Bibo - Petit Cafe A Paris (Original Mix)
Camino de Lobo - Bonjour Paris (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Avignon (Original Mix)
Johannes Huppertz - French Connection (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Dagfinn Koch - Nouvelle (Original Mix)
Rene Petershagen - Rue de Paris (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - Dans Les Rues De Nice (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Saint-Malo (Original Mix)
Fabian Ciel - French Kiss (Original Mix)
Felix Thoma - Lyon Train Station (Original Mix)
Alexandra Gerhard-Garcia - C Est La Vie (Original Mix)
Camino de Lobo - Swinging Paris (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Orleans (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - Bonne Nuit (Original Mix)
Felix Thoma - La Soleil (Original Mix)
Johannes Huppertz - Paris Triste (Original Mix)
D. A. S. - Romance In Provence (Original Mix)
Rene Petershagen - Antoine (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - La Loire (Original Mix)
Felix Thoma - Romantic Paris (Original Mix)
Johannes Huppertz - Paris Amuse (Original Mix)
Felix Thoma - Maintenant (Original Mix)
Johannes Huppertz - French People (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Bordeaux (Original Mix)
Felix Thoma - France Acoustic (Original Mix)
Camino de Lobo - Valse Entrainante (Original Mix)
Rene Petershagen - Blanc (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - Folklores De France (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Michael Bibo - Danse Parisienne (Original Mix)
Camino de Lobo - Place D Amour (Original Mix)
Hanjo Gabler - La Petite Promesse (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Biarritz (Original Mix)
D. A. S. - French Beauty (Original Mix)
Steven Solveig, Dagfinn Koch - Pigalle (Original Mix)
Theo Degler - Deauville (Original Mix)