VA – Visceral 042 [Visceral]

Visceral 042 showcases a sizzling hot selection of new music as Portuguese talent, Pete K, opens proceedings, swiftly followed by stunning new work from anders. Thomas Crow, Luka Sambe and Darko De Jan. Complemented by first class remixes from icons of the underground dance scene including, Mark Slee, Noel Sanger and Greg Benz and Chris Micali, Part 1 shines brightly.

Legends continue to appear at rapid pace throughout Part 2 as Petar Dundov and Jamie Stevens immediately jump out with their work for Chameleon Recordings and Mango Alley while standout modern producers, Huminal, Matter and C9 all play their part with a stellar set of remixes. Proton Music, Click Records and Tim Penner's Slideways all provide a vehicle for supreme talents to display their skills in a star-studded Part 2.

James Warren - Visceral 042 (Part 1)
Pete K - Lotus (Original Mix)
Rick Pier O'Neil - To Declare (Greg Benz & Chris Micali Remix)
Anders. - Eborg (Original Mix)
Onur Diner - Owlephant (Mark Slee Remix)
Tomas Crow - Birdsplace (Original Mix)
Scotty.A - Lost in Translation (Subandrio Remix)
Luka Sambe - When I'm With Her (Original Mix)
Hidden Allies - Unison (Noel Sanger Remix)
Darko De Jan - Fugitive (Original Mix)
James Warren - Visceral 042 (Part 2)
Filter Bear - We Expire (Original Mix)
FictiOne - Higher Note (Ilias Kat Remix)
Danito & Athina, Fabio Montana - Cubit (Dan Caster Remix)
Andres W - Myst (Ziger Remix)
Michael A - Flying (Jamie Stevens Remix)
Eddie Hale - Foehn (Petar Dundov Remix)
Cid Inc. - Shake Before Use (Ezequiel Arias Space Mix)
Andre Sobota - Can't Remember (Original)
Robert R. Hardy - Sensus (Matter Rmx)
Scotty.A - Out in the Boonies (C9 Remix)
Derek Howell - Runner (Huminal Remix)