VA – Visceral 041 [Visceral]

Visceral 041 opens up with the extraordinary-survey Doorly on remix duties for Redux Saints as GMJ and Difficulty arise elegance of their launch EP on Proton Music, with "Atoms". Chris Fortier, Vince Watson and Tim Penner all forge turbulent-outline appearances by way of profession for Auricle, Flood Vinyl and 238W as Brian Cid and make inaccessible out proceedings with classy new productions. Dousk, Nocturna and Philipp Wolf prolong the remix smell with famous interpretations for Dopamine, Proton and Rikodisco, as Kissoff and Christian Bachmann disc-shaped off Influence 1 with seductive new beginning facts. A "Meteor Heap" opens up Parcel 2 with David R Maddocks rerub of Lee Delgado's calling while Indian imprint Soupherb provides a luscious sample via Doctor Daniel's "Guffaw". Co-possessor of the newly formed Manjumasi imprint, Splodge Slee, sees his "Nocturnal Belle" hit new heights with a rework from Patlac and Luc Angenehm supplies another piece de resistance in "Isabel".

James Warren - Visceral 041 (Part 1)
Robert Heel - Onondaga Cava (Original Mix)
Redux Saints - Rebirth (Doorly Remix)
GMJ, Matter - Atoms (Original Mix)
Andre Sobota - Fragments (Nocturna Remix)
Max Ruby - Meldonium (Original Mix)
Kosmas - Around the Corner (Dousk Remix)
Max Vertigo, Aytac Kart - The Shine (Philipp Wolf Remix)
Kissoff - Countdown (Original Mix)
Christian Bachmann - The Moog (Orignal Mix)
Abity - Vinylmood (The Florist Remix)
James Warren - Visceral 041 (Part 2)
Leo Delgado - Meteor Shower (David R Maddocks Remix)
Doktor Daniel - Roar (Original Mix)
Mark Slee - Nocturne Belle (Patlac Remix)
Luc Angenehm - Isabel (Original Mix)
Moonbeam - Tiny Punks (Original Mix)
Rodd Sim - Godmaker (Chris Fortier Full on Remix)
Desaturate - Frostbite (Original Mix)
Andre Sobota - Futurammer (Tim Penner Remix)
SQL - Take It as It Comes (Vince Watson Remix)
Brian Cid - Division (Original Mix)
Fon.Leman - Rock It (Original Mix)