VA – Vip Deep (glamour & Muisic) [Lips Records]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the community

Deep Project - What You Got (Urban People's Deep Mix)
Basement Deep Elements - Weight of Living (Point of View Mix)
Michael Bell - Leave on Forever (Segmenthal Mix)
Yves St. John - Rescue Me (Cav & Hallon Mix)
Expanded Dreams - Forgotten Man (Fitu's Deep House Mix)
The Fluttuants - Hurt Now (Flying Flute Mix)
Natural System - No Drinking More (Deep Wonders Mix)
Manuel Antinas - Welcome Stranger (Read Beach Mix)
Fashion Modell Project - Nobody but You (Deep Lovers Mix)
London Cat - Hold Tonight (John Tall Mix)
Stefano Valli Project - Ultra Flava (S.V. Night Mix)
Soul Lovers - Got It Bad (Alexandre Volvic Deep House Mix)
Sunset Crew - The Scotch (On the Beach Mix)
Yves St. Claire - This I Know (Monte Carlo Mix)
Deep Mind - Memories (Josè Hose Mix)
A Project - Strong Line (Original Mix)