VA – Vinyl [Addicted Minimal]

Different Artists – Vinyl is the latest disenthral on Addicted Smallest.Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the fraternity

Shy - Lexi (Original Mix)
Shy - Lolita (Original Mix)
Shiny - Wall Street (Original Mix)
SFK - Kick It Down (Original Mix)
SFK - What Time Sleep (Original Mix)
SFK - Microgram (Original Mix)
SFK - Minimum Bang (Original Mix)
SFK - This Is Good (Original Mix)
SFK - Warning (Original Mix)
SerJay - Arpeggio Elettronico (Original Mix)
SerJay - Back (Original Mix)
SerJay - Exit (Original Mix)
SerJay - Next (Original Mix)
Sergio MinimalB, Dani Row, Jarvin Navarrete - Arasbeque (Original Mix)
SeqMnML - Crack Moments (Original Mix)
Sendefehler - Circus (Original Mix)
Sedoy - Drum (Original Mix)
Sedoy - Party Home (Original Mix)
Sedoy - Vinyl (Original Mix)