VA – Urban Tunes Edm Music Theory 2 [Urban Tunes Records]

Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from yon the planet

Bsound Kids - Apocalypse Intro (Original Mix)
Bsharry - Hamunaptra (Holl & Rush Remix)
James Black Pitch - Drop da Bass (Original Mix)
Noelia - Spell feat. Timbaland (Bsharry Club Mix)
Andrea Ferrini - Break the Chains (Raf Marchesini Remix)
Bsharry - Seven Nation Army (Extended Mix)
James Black Pitch - We Rock the Party (Original Mix)
Bsharry - The Revenge of Pirates (Original Mix)
Ciava - Hunter (Original Mix)
Jacob Ireng - Asfalto (Original Mix)
Bsharry - Starlight feat. Shaun Canon (Arzuk Remix)
Constantin, Dario Schenetti - Still Beats Love (Alessandro Vinai Remix)
Skunxx - Queen of the Night feat. Niken Indigo (Original Mix)
CTS - Let's Go (Extended)
Cigarette & Juice - Show Me Love (Extended Mix)
Bsharry, Ciava - Radio (Original Mix)
Riky G - A.C.O.G. (Original Mix)
Faya - Zion feat. Nicci (Original Mix)
Giacomino - Bouncing in the Club (Original Mix)
Kayra - Monster Bass (Original Mix)