VA – Urban Escape [Tenor Recordings]

"Urban Escape" takes you on a musical journey to leave the stressful life behind. Put your headphones on, turn up the volume and get lost in the sound of these carefully selected deep-house pearls.

Wild Culture - Don't Stop (Original Mix)
Remcord - Black Flamingo (Sascha Cawa Remix)
Andree Wischnewski - Summer Breeze (Heinrich & Heine Remix)
Bella Moore - All Together (Original Mix)
Ferry Ultra, Boris Jennings - Good Times (Les Loups Remix)
Piemont - Some More (Original Mix)
Miguel Puente - Be No Good (Original Mix)
DJ Monique - Music On Hold (Original Mix)
Krizz Luco - Street Piano (Original Mix)
Morja - Eve (Original Mix)
C-Ro - Rollin' Flies (Nico Pusch Remix)
Schegg - Sun Isn't Dead Yet (Original Mix)
Zirkuskind - Amber (Original Mix)
Makanan - Ride the Bass (Original Mix)
Jader Ag - Hezo (Original Mix)
Habitat - My Power (fabs# Remix)
Andrea Clemente - Alessya (Q Narongwate Remix)
Don Kallitos - Behind the Walls (MIOMIO Remix)
Mashk - Home (Original Mix)
Cut N Glue - Remember Those Days (Original Mix)
Dany Holm - Zephyr (Anders. Remix)
MNFST - Charm (Original Mix)
Tboy - People Love U (Original Mix)
Frank Sebastian - Willfull Delusion (Original Mix)