VA – Understrike [Ushuaia Traxx]

Miscellaneous Artists – Understrike is the latest distribute on Ushuaia Traxx.Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the globe

Constantinus, DJ Johan Weiss - Neighbours (Original Mix)
Constantinus, DJ Johan Weiss - Passion (Original Mix)
DJ Joke-R - Divine (Original Mix)
DJ Johan Weiss, OLiW - Morning Glories (Original Mix)
DJ Joke-R - Haters (Original Mix)
DJ Joke-R - Why You Wanna Do (Original Mix)
DJ Joke-R, GaborP - Minimal Friends (Original Mix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Blind (Blakers Remix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Grind (Original Mix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Grind (Palms Croatti Remix)
R.MNML, DJ Joke-R - Polyamid (Original Mix)
DJ Kape - Another Day (GDB Remix)
DJ Kape - Another Life (Montechistro Remix)
DJ Kape - Another Life (Original Mix)
DJ KoT - Xenta (Original Mix)
DJ Kunze - Illusion of Time (Original Mix)
DJ Kunze - Stronger Effects (Original Mix)
DJ Mau Mau - Feel The Music (Original Mix)
DJ Mito - Can't Stop (Original Mix)
DJ Mito - Clap Your Hands To The Beat (Original Mix)
DJ Mito - Love Me Again (Internal Deep Remix)
DJ Mito - Love Me Again (Original Mix)
DJ Mito - Sounds Of Paradise (Original Mix)
DJ Nas - Eastern Mystic (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - A Minimal (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - A Voice From The Past (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Bombing (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Dark Matter (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Delisius (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Electrical Decorations (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Fuck Girl (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Heat & Cold (Deltoidman Remix)
DJ Navigare - Heat & Cold (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - I Men (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - I'm Ready (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Morse Code (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Piter Pen (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Sweet Nothing (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - The Main People (Original Mix)
DJ Navigare - Time For Countdown (Original Mix)
DJ Niki - Cdv (Original Mix)
DJ Niki - Mondance (Alexandros Dever Remix)
DJ Niki - Lumini Robot (Original Mix)
DJ Niki - Mondance (Original Mix)
DJ Niki - Understrike (Original Mix)