VA – Underground Jungle [Red Alfa Records]

A mighty mash up of 29 tracks this is the latest album manumit from Red Alfa RecordsElectronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the cosmos

Opius - Dub Lion (Original Mix)
Exit Point - Rowdy Soundboy (Original Mix)
Warminstrel - Jah Know (Original Mix)
DJ Sideeffect - Jog On (VIP Mix)
Langham - Ya Hear Me (Original Mix)
Distrax - Jungle Flexin (Original Mix)
Cubexx - You Were Happy Once (Original Mix)
Jon Ahmed - Hardkore Jungle (Original Mix)
Hannibal Selector - The Congo Creeper (Original Mix)
Marcus Tee - Winter Sun (Original Mix)
Durtee - Transpose Ceti (Original Mix)
DJ Sideeffect - The Suffering (Original Mix)
Distrax - I Wanna Sing (Original Mix)
Libz - Mash Up On de Riddim (Original Mix)
Carbone - Butterflies (Original Mix)
Thug Widow - Your Prayers Unanswered (Original Mix)
Sniper - Wol On (Original Mix)
Red Alfa - Journeys End (Original Mix)
The Twisted Twins - Just Jazz (Original Mix)
Distrax - Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Exit Point - This Beat (Original Mix)
Babylon3 - Impulsed (Original Mix)
John Browne - Faith (Original Mix)
Alex Dex - Nasty (Original Mix)
Distrax - Move Your Body (Decibel Lecter Remix)
Dj Ruzt - The Sub-Way ('This' Version)
DJ Dossa - Dubs An' Ting (Original Mix)
Karmz - Lost In The Clouds (Original Mix)
Distrax - London Sound (Original Mix)