VA – Ultimate Workout Music: Trance Hits [Dmn Records]

Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the creation

Darren Mackay, Grae, Poniiboi - Forgive You 2k15 (Enfortro's Totally Forgiving Remix)
Soniq State - The Return (Radio Mix)
Enfortro, Ben Kirk - Chocolate Samples (Club Mix)
Fio, Phil Giava - Gimme Your Love (Enfortro's Re-Love Mix)
Vinid - Line in the Sand (Original Mix)
Enfortro, Bafana Mac - Chasing the Dragon (Club Mix)
Tony T., Dj Maxx Fiesta - Feel It in My Heart 2k15 (Enfortro Remix)
Mr. Friso - Arabic Sunrise (Short Mix)
Bomatt - Dream (Trance Mix)
Shilton - Don't Walk Away (Extended Walk Version)
DJ X Face, Pi Base - Energy (Trance Remix)
Mr. Friso - Oceanic Flow (Dream Mix)
Bafana Mac - All Is Love (Enfortro's Epic Love Mix)
Darren Mackay, Grae, Poniiboi - Forgive You (Radio Edit)
Tracy Bagnall, Mr. Friso - Without You (Original Mix)
Enfortro - Artificial Intelligence (Enfortro's Artificial Edit)
UnderMS - Found Love (Club Mix)
Shilton - In My Dreams (Extended Dub Mix)
Bomatt - Magic Island (Original Mix)
Rolando Becket - Feelings (Club Mix)
Mr. Friso, Katia Garcia - Airwaves (Original Mix)
Enfortro - Noose (Retightened Version)
A.u.d.i.e.n.c.e. - Together (Club Edit)
Bafana Mac - All Is Love (Main Mix)
Lane McCray - Heartbeat (Enfortro Remix)
J & V - Feel the Rhythm (Enfortro Epic Version)
Jockeyboys, Matthias Kadar - Adieu (Enfortro Remix)
Vinid - Summertide (Original Mix)
Mr. Friso - Coconut Leaves (Extended Mix)
The Resonance Box - Before the Mind (Only Some Elements) (Trance Mix)
Never2loud - Not Just a Game (Dub Mix)
Sync Diversity - Water of Love (Enfortro & Ben Kirk Remix)
Kix, Randy Norton, Lasa - Feel It (2014 Trance Remix)
Enfortro - Helium (Baloon) (Original Mix)
Mr. Friso - Trance 2 Dance (Extended Mix)
Tracy Bagnall, Enfortro, Ben Kirk - Dreaming (Extended Mix)
Jockeyboys, Nance - Higher (Enfortro's Even Higher Remix)
Shilton - Hold You (Enfortro Remix)
J & V - Angel of Love (Enfortro's Euro Extended Mix)
Robin van Riel, Irene Dee - Circle of Life (Extended Mix)
DJ Oguz Sarac - Disco Ball (Club Mix)
UnderMS - Whistle (Club Mix)
Remundo - Club Music (Club Mix)
Rolando Becket - Age (Club Mix)
DJ C.o.d.o. - Tilburg City Theme (Club Mix)
Wihard, Glashow - Altitude (Club Edit)
Robbert Simmons - Style and Fashion (Club Mix)
UnderMS - Bomberman (Club Mix)
Remundo - Gliding Flute (Club Mix)
The Resonance Box - Submarine Perspective (Out of Sea Mix)