VA – Ultimate Techhouse [Giverny Music]

Aspire you'll satisfaction in the reverberate! 'Concluding Techhouse' has all you essential to forge a meet spot. The Compilation includes 3 label new tracks by Self Explanative with 'Altitude Walks', Tec77 with 'Driving' and Dan Rubell with Extrasensory'.

Tec77 - Propulsion (Original Mix)
Dan Rubell - Extrasensory (Original Mix)
Self Explanatory - Altitude Walks (Original Mix)
Klangfamilie - Sicania Rules (Original Mix)
Najwars - Delta Inflections (Original Mix)
The Spectaphiles - Due Deevi (Original Mix)
Sixteenth Pulse - If U (Original Mix)
Lars Horton - Yes I Did It (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
Sixteenth Pulse - Ba Slim Jim (Christian Hornbostel Remix)
7,11 - Second Stage (Original Mix)
Tec 77 - Expressionate (Original Mix)
Dan Rubell - Sunny Days (Original Mix)
Reunion Ensemble - The Rhythm (Dan Rubell)
Sigmatic Project - Heptavalent (Original Mix)
Thrill Rules - Akzent (Original Mix)
Quadrumana - Quadrumana (Original Mix)
Sixteenth Pulse - Mesoscopic (Original Mix)
Tec77 - Stringtastic (Original Mix)
The Spectaphiles - Echoplex (Christian Hornbostel Cut)
Sigmatic Project - Voltage Gated (Original Mix)
Lars Horton - Affected (Dan Rubell Remix)
Dan Rubell - Polyphonia (Original Mix)