VA – Trip [Ushuaia Traxx]

Various Artists – Trip is the latest release on Ushuaia Traxx.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

David Garry, Besey B - Weszelly (Original Mix)
David Garry, Gold L - Acid Owl (Original Mix)
David Garry, MNMLBROS - Mandore (Original Mix)
Valiant, David Garry - Let The Haters Go To Hell (Original Mix)
David Gisbert - Black Tuesday (Original Mix)
David Gisbert - The Big Return (Original Mix)
David Gisbert - Francaise (Original Mix)
David Gisbert - You Know The Rules (Original Mix)
David Heating - Indian Wizard (Original Mix)
David Heating - Moment (Original Mix)
David Herencia - Bioshock (Original Mix)
David Herencia - Green (Original Mix)
David Herencia - Important News! (Original Mix)
David Herencia - Let's Drill (Original Mix)
David Herencia - Stabbed (Original Mix)
David Herencia, Lewis031 - International Experiment (Ale Flowers Club Remix)
David Herencia, Marcos Sanchez - D.M (Dimor Remix)
David Herencia, Lewis031 - International Experiment (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Biological Attack (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Gong (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Hypocenter (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Metronome (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Old River (Nicola Minella Remix)
David Hilbert - Old River (Nicolas Sara Remix)
David Hilbert - Old River (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Structural Failure (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Structural Stress (Baptiste Aprea Remix)
David Hilbert - Structural Stress (Original Mix)
David Hilbert - Trip (Assuc Remix)
David Hilbert - Trip (Original Mix)