VA – Tribes Of Athens [Black Athena]

The summer of 2007 saw some of the worst wildfires ever recorded in Greece's history spread over large parts of the country, taking many lives and destroying vast areas of forestland in their passage. These tragic events signaled the beginning of a nine year period of political, social and financial unrest and insecurity across the country that would have an irreversible impact on its people's psyche.

In this period the country's youth went from being branded (rather insensitively) 'The 700 Euro' generation to becoming 'The Lost Generation'. This compilation is the sound of 'The Lost Generation'; it's the sound of those young people that kept on dreaming, listening, creating and loving in the face of all kinds of adversity.

Tribes of Athens (despite its title) is a compendium of eleven tracks from artists hailing from different parts of the country; most of these artists we have come to know personally through our mutual dedication to music, and thus over the years we have developed deep relationships out of mutual respect. As is the Black Athena modus operandi the compilation doesn't comply with one particular style, instead encompassing music of divergent tempos ranging from Rap and Beats , to Deep House , Bass , Grime , Electronica and New Wave / Post Punk .

In memory of our good friend and exceptional music connoisseur ­ Petros Malevris

Error404 - Jammin Tape (Original Mix)
Red - Sundown (Original Mix)
Negros Tou Moria - Tribes Of Athens (Vlepontas Kai Kanontas)
FlokosH - 6 Mil Die Klub (Original Mix)
Tvarj Cna - The Seventh Day Before The Creation (Original Mix)
Giganta - Being (Original Mix)
Thomey Bors - Like I Always Been (Original Mix)
Breakin Moves - Achy (Original Mix)
Cha Cha! - Killer, Killer! Macho, Macho! (Original Mix)
Faint Object - Late Night Jam (Original Mix)
Miltiades - Whaaa (Original Mix)