VA – Trendy Rhythms (glamour & House Music) [Extacy]

Sorcery & Dwelling MusicElectronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the the human race

Quincy Allaire - Going To The Village (House of Club Mix)
Alexandre Sander - Touch the Film (Velvet & Deep Mix)
Luan Pereira - Gravitational Waves (House Factory Mix)
Outer Absence - Arrow (6th Floor's House Mix)
Shady Belief - Xinke (Frank Norton's Night Mix)
Seth Beckett - Morgana (Tom Marron Mix)
Shenara Rulek - Your Help (House Mundi Mix)
Pretty Lawyer - Psicadelic (Basement Guy's Liberty Mix)
Poul Johansen - Timeless (House Elements Mix)
Mandragora, Barbra Thomson - King of the Lounge feat. Barbra Thomson (The Soullution Project Mix)
Robel Rezene - Highlighter (Margarita's Mix)
Slice Cork - Black List (House Mxi)
Lorenz Costa - Grand Love (Club & Beach Mix)
Ron Johnson - Mystic Desire (Plastique City Mix)
Deep United - Without You (Tom Farry's Urbanity Mix)
Mark Laverd - Enjoy the Ride (Vocal Attak Mix)
Thomas Dennon, Enrika Andrew - The First Time feat. Enrika Andrew (Satoshy Hokado's Deephouse Mix)
Seventh Beat - Can't Get Enough (The Tube Mix)
Mark Nassis - Black Joy (Seawaves Mix)
Tom Farry - My Reality (Robert Waxton's Deep Mix)