VA – Trance Party [Blue Star Records]

A number of Artists – State of semi-consciousness Function is the latest set on Crestfallen VIP RECORDS.Electronic music – an stunning symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the creation

Alex Numark - In The Night Flight (Original Mix)
Alex Sarver - Find You (Original Mix)
Alex van Love - To Love This Hapiness (Original Mix)
Amind Two Guys - Supernova (Club Mix)
Ander vM - Lullaby (Original Mix)
Andrew Modens - Summer Mood (Original Mix)
Antoxa project - Rising (Original Mix)
Arctic Jet - F.J.F.B. (Original Mix)
Dreaman - Lost In Myself (Original Mix)
E.x.a.m.p.l.e - Sound On My Mind (Original Mix)
Eddy Kudo - Clearness (Original Mix)
Emotion Love - I Love You (Original Mix)
Expeinel - In Depth (Original Mix)
Fobos - Ocean of Love (Original Mix)
Frost Miles - All Ahead (Original Mix)
Gelvetta - Try To Live - Beautiful (Original Mix)
Giara - Kit (Original Mix)
Inspirer & Erando - Astrologer (Original Mix)
Korenevskiy - Forest Trill (Original Mix)
Max Blaike - Excellence (Original Mix)