VA – Trance Evolution #4 [Umusic Records]

Various Artists – Trance Evolution #4 is the latest release on Umusic Records.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Dream Travel - The Little Story (Original Mix)
Dream Travel - Dreams N (Original Mix)
Dream Travel - Depth (Original Mix)
Diana, Andruboy - Leaf Fall (Original Mix)
May Wen Ritchie - My Space (Original Mix)
Victor Tayne - Vision (Original Mix)
Victor Tayne - Space Inside (Original Mix)
Andruboy - Midnight Dreams (Original Mix)
Andruboy - Summer Heat (Original Mix)
Asida Aya - Disconnected From The World (Original Mix)
Andruboy - Command (Original Mix)
Luis de Poda - Digital Rain (Original Mix)
Loucura - Awakening (Original Mix)
Introtrance - Festive Illumination (Original Mix)
Anthem2012 - Autumn Hymn (Original Mix)