VA – Top 100 Dance [Dad Media]

Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from there the the world at large

DJ Absinth, Miami Dance - Shake That Ass (Club Workout Version)
Paul Kold - Sidechain (Original Mix)
Malibu Breeze, Gerald G! - Now That You're Gone (Original Mix)
Joey Funk - Tons of Funk (Instrumental Mix)
Code White - Inception (Stereoliner Acid Remix)
Deejay Chris White - Nasty Beats (Radio Edit)
Stereoliner, Roody Van Hype - Wanted (Clash Mix)
One Two Eight - Sci-Fi (Festival Mix)
Ibiza Groove Squad - I Don't (Mykel Mars Club Mix)
Stereo Palma - Cada Vez (Ibiza Palma Edit)
Baybes - Disco Record (Radio Edit)
DiscoBastardz, Clubsukkerz - Drinking Song (Kid Alexx & Discobastardz Club Mix)
Antaris - One More (Extended Mix)
Million Colours - Holi Anthem (Festival Mix)
Maylena, White - Ibiza 2010 (Cuba Club Electro Mix)
Deejayfreak - You May Think (Club Mix)
Rock Massive - You Know Why (Ph Electro Radio Mix)
Diaz, Luna Moor - Hey People Look Me (Absolut Groovers Remix)
Geen Plank, Twice - I Do (Original Mix)
New in Paris - Festival Love (Radio Version)
Khrys, Pol Rossignani - This Is the Day (Extended Mix)
Body Sound - Leaving (Free Mix)
Syntheticsax, Salvation Project - Saxtone (Original Mix)
Marc Van Slow - Set You Free (Original Mix)
Vincent Vega, Milaxa - Leave Behind (Original Mix)
Jack the Cat - Mousetrap (Club Mix)
Sunrider - The Bomb 2010 (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) (Frank Eikam Remix)
Mrzenes - Sugar Crush (Original Mix)
Gizzmodj - Greenhouse (Original Mix)
Fr33m4n - Bass Bizzness (Original Mix)
D-Force - Cool (Original Mix)
Souljackerz, Rude Vinyl - Forbidden Love (Funky Truckerz Remix)
Infected Fay - Lullaby (Original Mix)
The Loop of Life - Lost in Space (Radio Version)
Desmonduke - The Other Side (Original Mix)
Toby Sky - Disco Disco (Club Mix)
Karen Danzig, Selektaz - La La La La La (Radio Edit)
Purenergy - Heaven in Your Arms (Iridama Extended Mix)
DJ Sakin & Friends - Braveheart 2013 (DJ Substance Remix)
Mumsigt House Crew - Kung (Extended Mix)
DJ Serg, Mc Puppet - Put Your Handz Up (Original Mix)
Fischer - We Only Live Once (Original Mix)
Anjiro Rijo - Wishes (Mike Laveaux Remix)
Sleazy Stereo - Pump It Up (Phunkface Remix)
Sunnyboy - Angelo (Siculand Extended)
Alexxi - Systemic Contradiction (William Burstedt Remix)
Crazy Z Projects - Sweepy (Club Mix)
Filtercut - Flash (Radio Mix)
Sunrider - Turn It Up (Eddy Hard Bootleg Edit)
Dodobeatz, Thimlife, Same Day Records - Across the Water (Original Mix)
DJ Any - On the Seashore (Original Mix)
Ange, Fine Touch - I Like You Baby (BK Duke Remix)
Brown Sugar, Niko De Luka - Good Night (Peter Brown Dub Mix)
Smith, Mike - 135 Bpm (Romeo Lang Remix)
Million Colours - Holi Anthem (Short Mix)
Mykel Mars - L.A. Nights (System B Beachlounge Edit)
Cosmixone - Blinded (Club Mix)
Abel The Kid - In My House (Original Mix)
Dhany, Komodo - The Wind of Love (Extended Version)
Michael Angelo, Solo, Vicky Fee - Find Your Way (Original Mix)
Vinylriders - On the Run (2Phaze Remix)
Franky Miller, Hagen Kiev - Feel Me (Radio Version)
King Hookiss - House Music 3 (Extended Mix)
Sok - Dirty People (Original Mix)
Charlie Spot, Hugo Villanova - Arabika (Original Mix)
About Vegas - Hold On (Radio Cut)
Bruno Kauffmann, Ann Shine, Ludo Kaiser - The World Is Losing Faith (Original Mix)
Hannover House Mafia - O Sarracino (Bigroom Mix)
Dirty Inc - Get On It ! (Neck Jerkin Electro Mix)
Chico Del Mar, DJ Base - Kalinka (Sunrider Radio Edit)
Smacs, Patrick Kong - Timeless (Original Mix)
Vortex [GER] - Too Much Love (Original Mix)
Ripley & Jenson - Suncream (Original Mix)
Codar - Sax 'n' Beats (Original Mix)
Exit Mars - The Power (Radio Edit)
Clubrollers - Kasachioff (Club Mix)
Urko - Bad Dreams (Joey Funk Rubber Duck Remix)
Sunrider - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Hans-O-Matik Remix)
Dembora, 4Ties - Miserable Funk (Deep Mix)
Helen Gold - One Day (I Will Shine) (Milkbar Rockers' 80s Extended Mix)
Mr Luke - Perla Negra (Original Mix)
Kendy - Save Me (Marcus & Schulz Vocoder Remix Edit)
Da Silva Gunn - U Got 2 Luv (Nev Scott Remix)
Danza, The Dirty Principle - Dirty On (Dreambuster Nasty Edit)
L.A., Blush, Chy-kyria - Get 2 Know Me (Lucas and Steve Remix)
Prince Ringo - Disco Star (Discohouse Mix)
Fr33m4n - On Fire (Original Mix)
Haris C - Without You (Ion Blue Tech Mix)
Lady Paranoja - Paranoja Goes Pussywood (Club Mix)
Adam The Tree - October (Marscruiser Remix)
Jackville - The Stroke (Hans-O-Matik Radio Cut)
Gama - Wolf (Original Mix)
Nick Domie - One Way (Original Mix)
Grey T - Partyweekend (Radio Mix)
Diaz, Luna Moor - Celebrate Everyday (Original Mix)
Calabria, Stereoliner, Metro Audio - Bad Apes (Club Mix)
Samantha Mayer - Check That Sound (Extended Mix)
Kendy - Sleeping in My Car (Dany Kay Remix)
Clemens Rumpf, Simon Green - I Can Deep (Crs Soulful Edit)
Replika - Whisperer (Original Mix)