VA – Tokyo Modern Fashion Grooves [Floating Music]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Matt Smith - Don't Wanna Be Alone (Sonique Tonique's House Mix)
Frank Simmons - Feel The Rain (Live Version)
Ron Tylor - A New Version (Original Mix)
Yves Taylor - Incomparable Breeze (Original Mix)
Richard Rochefeller - Story Up (Original Mix)
Trevor Jay - Plinting (Original Mix)
Tony Ramblin - Ferries (Original Mix)
Sander Dee - Ho Dancer feat. Corinna Barclays (Original Mix)
Mark Kionne - In The System (Original Mix)
Walter Granus - Stay With Me Again (Original Mix)
Ray Mas - Erotica Stomp (Original Mix)
Frank Fusto - A Passion To Explain (Original Mix)
Tony Queen - You Have A Problem (Aston Romeo Remix)
The Grand Rhythm - I Am Puzzled (Original Mix)
Oceanic Beats - Happy Our (Live Version)
Matt Maxim - Spontaneous Lightness (Original Mix)
Organic Deep - Going Back Easy (Night Flavours Live Mix)
Rick Warrol - Wide Panoramas (Original Mix)
Tony Ram - We Are Alone (Original Mix)
Night Dust - You Will Start The Game Again (Steve Daniel & Jay Ritz's House Mix)
Roy Real - Is To The Work (Deep Guitar Mix)
Full Philter - You Don't Need Me (Original Mix)
Carl Thomson - Great Euphoria (Original Mix)
Ben Peter - Harpninyo (Original Mix)
Factor 7 - The Latest News (Original Mix)