VA – The True Berlin Sound, Vol.1 [Restore Music]

Revive Music presents "The Verifiable Berlin Tone" – carefully selected for your preference.Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the the human race

Andres Lima - Rattle (Original Mix)
Deep Kosha - Motion Waves (Original Mix)
Laora Gems - The End (Original Mix)
DJ Sponch - We Groove Until the Morning (Original Mix)
Andrea Clemente - Alessya (Wave Crushers Pushin' Remix)
Miguel Campbell - Frisco Junkies (Dub Version)
Jill Bellac - Bad Times (Alfonso Padilla Remix)
Deepologic - Music in My Head (Original Mix)
Antonio De Angelis - Soul Spirit (Original Mix)
Alexander Koning - Deet Roid (David Alvarado Remix)
Anatoliy Kroytor - Nite Owls 3 (Original Mix)
Kolokol Production - Ekstrakt (Original Mix)
Il buco del - Cullo (Original Mix)
Shebuzzz - Drifting Ice (Original Mix)
Tamaris - Days of Future Past (Original Mix)
Floreano, ANIE - Yes I Do (Original Mix)
MAM - Almost Nothing (Original Mix)
One Piece - Black Flag (Original Mix)
Under Noise - Gladiadores (Original Mix)
Caprivian - Revolution (Original Mix)
Malbetrieb - Backseat (Original Mix)