VA – The Sound Of The Underground [Twentythree Records]

Twenty Three Records presents:
The look like of the UndergroundElectronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the existence

Ensaime - Dirty (Original Mix)
Abcer - Prego (Original Mix)
DavidC - Apple Night (Original Mix)
Alex Guesta - Kayamba (Ensaime Remix)
Isac, Benny Camaro - Salento Mos (Instrumental Mix)
DavidC - Deep Thought (Ensaime Remix)
Ciro Sannino - Back Home (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Baby Dreams (Original Mix)
Claudio Gasparini - Dusk (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Like In A Movie Scene (Original Mix)
Claudio Gasparini - Psychè (Original Mix)
DavidC - Gypsy (Original Mix)
Due - Carwan (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Cierro los ojos (Ensaime Remix)
Francesco Giglio - 666 (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Festa de Verao (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Fruits of Peace (Original Mix)
DavidC - I See People (Original Mix)
Francesco Giglio - Tropical Jungle (Original Mix)
Ensaime, Marco Simeone - Back To The Bedroom (Original Mix)
Falkjed - Flyga (Ensaime Remix)
Gafer - Amnesia (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Never Ending Dream (Original Mix)
Fading Soul - So Peaceful (Original Mix)
Ensaime - New York Is Shaking (Original Mix)
Jack Moure - The World Is Mine (Original Mix)
Thomas Gordan - Space 001 (Original Mix)
Ensaime - No Me Contesta (Marco Simeone Remix)
John Syol - Evolution65 (Original Mix)
Kostadinova - Point Of Departure (Original Mix)
Dave M., Nuby, Savio Salerno - Sensation Mind (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Tanzania (Original Mix)
Marco Simeone - King (Original Mix)
Jack Moure - Living In A Dream (Original Mix)
Ensaime, Marco Simeone - Atlantic (Original Mix)
Francesco Giglio - Goodbye (Original Mix)
J Vin - Bad (Original Mix)
Ensaime - Night Of Passion (Original Mix)
Marco Lupi - Always Together (Original Mix)
Mark Lyon - Nano Patch 10 (Original Mix)
Shana Dee - Now Weapon (Original Mix)
Trak Nikus - Drink At Work (Original Mix)