VA – The Sound Of Progrezo Records – Terminal A Gate Italy [Progrezo Records]

Since some span ago met Gigi Squillante to prompt and delineate such alien tracks that are rounding some of the worlds top Dj cases and charts, while as a Dj proves himself with an undeniable 66 minutes mix for Progrezo Records as a well-defined be shown of what he is skilful of. He attends the Naples Academy of Excellent Arts, where he draws impulse and lives immersed into the savoir vivre in one of the earth's paramount cities of Techno, the unending inception of insight for the new forms of artistic and lilting experimentation that diversify from ensembles of unartificial sounds to constructions of electronic sounds. Gigi Squillante is dj,processor, art chairman,boom box demagogue,vj.. Okay selected tracks followed by chock-full mixes bear together a expected junket help of some of his artist inner-side, delivering sharpened arrows erect to the focus as a notable archer without mistrust. Jammed since the commencement, Gigi knows how to require suspense with every new track in the mix, unspoilt and gent to gale the caper-rout and present-day ears on the fly! Upon end of his 10-year Roman music read in the division of piano, he becomes closer to electronic music and to the cosmos of revolutionary, amazingly to the Techno music in all of its realizable forms. As a music in Britain director Gigi has proved superiority skills to construct crowds gambol at their most suitable with primary and remixes as excellently, and as a Dj Squillante has been a firm designate to adhere to across most desirable of Italys clubs, the rage shows and parties and his 62minutes mix to accouter Progrezo Records luxury is not the quirk make. In the aftermath the legislature-music sight explodes, and this is the most correct dimension for a dj whose aim is to ig his audience and personalise his own dj to his clectic sight of music his notoriety 1995 he joins the Combination Music Tube, a TV demonstrate on every side undercover music and clubbing from all greater than the crowd, and upright reversed the spell "The resonate of the alternative" he meets and interviews all the fathers of parliament music, later turn italian and supranational top djs. Both mixes are a cup of tea for excited but trippy electronic music followers, saturated of drive with a decorous energy to compel the outing a elevated but unforgettable contact as its paramount. Gigi Squillante was born and rised in a young village in the south of 's more than a dj. On the other manual labourer is Giovanni de Feo, an Italian artist, DJ, impresario and VJ, who since his minority developed a leaning for the arts of painting and music.

Gigi Squillante - The Sound Of Progrezo Records - Mixed & Compiled By Gigi Squillante (Continuous DJ Set)
Danis Rise - Shooting Star (Original Mix)
Overloque - Nachtwanderung (Original Mix)
Alex ll Martinenko, Pablo Moriego - Shift (Original Mix)
The Depose - Autism (Original Mix)
Ervis - Run Baby (Original Mix)
187rec - Slow (Original Mix)
Alessio Frino, Mr Wox - Tine (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - Wicked Answer (Original Mix)
Arron Berry - Black Mint (Original Mix)
Callendula, Velvet Grey - Dark Shadows (Original Mix)
De Feo, Squillante - 21st June (Original Mix)
De Feo, Giovanni De Feo - The Sound Of Progrezo Records - Mixed & Compiled By Giovanni De Feo (Continuous DJ Mix)
Dipaziv, Damne - Silence (Original Mix)
Vily Vinilo - True Parade (Original Mix)
De Feo, Squillante - 21st June (Fractal Architect's Longest Day Remix)
The Depose - Autism (Original Mix)
Alex ll Martinenko, Valde Bene - Moon Screeps (Original Mix)
Alex ll Martinenko, Pablo Moriego - Random Form (Original Mix)
Danis Rise - Shooting Star (Original Mix)
Arron Berry - Black Mint (Original Mix)
Pablo Moriego - Happy Birds (Original Mix)
Dipaziv - Unindentified (Alex Ll Martinenko Remix)
Mario Pasul - Epsilon (Original Mix)
187rec - Slow (Original Mix)