VA – The Sound Of House (selected Vibes) [FMC Phonograph]

Selected Vibes!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Victor Jaston - No Buono (Tom Nigro's Philtering Mix)
Robert Correra - Lounge and Relax (Cool & Sexy Mix)
Luke Walker - Silence in the Silence (Johnny Jay's Star Mix)
Mark Jall - Heroes of Silence (Open Ocean Mix)
Mark Markson - New Scopy (God & Iva Mix)
Florence Daragona - Other Lifes (Deep Sector Mix)
Clubmoons Project - Powerfull Reaction (Rony Zay Mix)
Sander Loveland - Refer da Mi (Deep City Mix)
Underway 22 - Escape from Europe (F Rhythms Mix)
Romildo Serrano - Do It Again (Red Virgin Mix)