VA – The Most Deep [Voile]

Voile today – 'The Most Occult' by Diverse Artists. This is a compilation of 10 selected Extensive Building tracks, summer vibe, large range.Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from here the everyone

Kevin Beard - Zulu Choir (Original Mix)
Davu - Sociopath (Original Mix)
Lashch - Sincerity (Original Mix)
Derick Fals - 9 Minutes of House Music (Original Mix)
Project Argentum - Heart Feel (Original Mix)
Bendetti - Fly & Not Fall (Original Mix)
Georgio Mansio - Sun Dreams (Original Mix)
Mizkan - Deep Sense (Original Mix)
Steven Loss - Right (Original Mix)
Will Holt - Listen To The Heart (Original Mix)