VA – The Future Of Hardcore Summer Bundle [The Future Of Hardcore]

Here is a amicable big summer away for you to get our mark assist on the map! It has been a while since we released anything as we accept been engross sorting our next album make available! Which inclination be elbow on tough par from the 1st September so look in on our facebook page-boy @thefutureofhardcore to array yours!

D-Core - Denzel (Original Mix)
Cruze & Ripps - Damage (Cruze & Ripps Remix)
Darbo & Snipes - Here We Are (Original Mix)
DJ Wicked - Take Me Away (Original Mix)
Doug Horizon, Ant_ith - Bring It On Down (Original Mix)
Fallon - Paradise (Nora2r Remix)
Fallon - Stay (Original Mix)
Gisbo - Land Of Dreams (Instrumental) (Original Mix)
Gregor Le Dahl - Dr Le Dahls Castle (Original Mix)
Nathalie, Gregor Le Dahl - A Love For Life (Original Mix)
Nathalie, Gregor Le Dahl, Mansy - Apologize (Original Mix)
Gregor Le Dahl, Allison Gray - Change (Original Mix)
IYF - Falling Down (Original Mix)
Kane, Just Jack - Sing To Me (Original Mix)
Mickey Rush - The Hyme (Remix)
N-Sane - Can't Give Up (Original Mix)
N-Sane - Reach Up (Original Mix)
Scotty D - Forever Loved (Original Mix)
N-Sane, Bridson, Scotty D - Take Me Away (Original Mix)
Offside, Technical Difficulties - Up High (Original Mix)
Scoot - Hear Your Voice (Original Mix)