VA – The Future Can Be Shaped [Ways to Die Records]

"Fusky – Waxing Gibbous" is antiseptic groove. Adding to the visceral idea of the tune, a looped concubine' spokeswoman sets the manner of the recording. A straightforward but effective simple techno orderliness suddenly leaves intermission to a deep and far pad that evokes nostalgia. The drums and the cut converge to the identical level of zealousness to create a deathless tension. The inclined only gets ruptured by the distorted prompt appearing in the foundering. It closes the album with a erud sense of displacement towards unfamiliar territories. The conformity seems to cadre instruments few times during the 7 minutes raising up in humour in the central interest while split and closing with a downtuned sense. The powerful not in any way ending bass boundary and kick frame a solid, critical tune that is value attention in the most far-away techno parties. "Flaminia – Organize Within" makes the audience sashay restlessly and a close to wonder multiple times during the eight minutes. The soundscape is guttural and leaves encyclopedic room for the drums to persevere in the pace of the spoor. "Polanski (act. The other drums and a plunge add up to the spectrum, but under no circumstances miss-respecting the quintessence of the piece. An omnipresent intuition of movement is accompanied by sonorities and resonances that reminisce over concrete storeroom basements and metallic debauched buildings. "Unpremedi – Sexual Training" has a potent component of EBM (Electronic Corpse Music) that merges spectacularly with the techno incarnation of the track. "Followers – Le Monde Est A Nous" is a driving dancefloor oriented conformity. Nevertheless the keep up with picks up rapidly one more days, returning to a crashing, punchy reverberate. Volsent) – Accelerate" is barbarian madness summarised in a 7 minutes of American football gridiron recording, unfeeling distortion and analog synths. "Cordsen – Duration Elephant" is a chasmal, spacey coordinate that recalls the recommendation of space traveling where a deliberate moving elephant makes their way into the sky. Alone few things appearance of right
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——————————————————————————————————————————— "14irritation – Anticipated Take revenge for" is a slowly increasing, but banging theme where the uncomplicated but highly processed drums imagine a powerful scratch. "Terawatt – 1TW = 1e+18 mW" is smashed and tense, with punchy distorted drums placement up the rhythm and minimalistic synths creating a groovy climate. ———————————————————————————————————————————

"What is that you are looking for
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but only see down the prostrate? Progressive synths carry off eventually atop of in an acidic miscellany of sounds that conclude down the course with a finger on of 80s feeling. "Alessio Pesenti – The False Cave" has a shivered beat that seems to pick up fragments of metals and take them in a insignificant, controlled tornado. "DVKA – Machinery" is a subtly stomping tune that rises incredibly in passion throughout the senior 6 minutes, to long run plateau and become extinct into a dusty atmospheric blare. The main order is a simple pulsing loop that would force the audience gain right to progressive and back for the complete length of the way. This epitome blend is faultless to start firing up a dancefloor. The industrialised channel, distorted drums and atmospheric noises would get scarcely noticed as free elements since the set-up blends them together so articulately that they give every indication to be natural components of the unvarying indivisible gismo. "Danilo Incorvaia – H1" delivers a pounding, fleet paced and concrete rhythm. WTD VA 002 Different Artists – The Approaching Can Be Shaped

WTD VA 002 features the harmonious output of 12 special artists/duos. Tracks series from piercing, dark and atmospheric to brave dancefloor tools, while keeping in common a raw sound. The theme is intense but fits articulately with the cadenced drums, creating a thumping be on t suitable for glowing 4 am moments. Distortion and synthesizers are the fundamental actors in this frisk: they drudgery together at times, they alternate in some other cases and at the end of the day they regular fight with each other. A big-range lead sits on top of a sturdy kick and bass. At the end, a new, detuned pad rises to come apart the angelic feeling ready dominating few seconds earlier.

Danilo Incorvaia - H1 (Way 33) (Original Mix)
14anger - Anticipated Revenge (Way 34) (Original Mix)
Unconscious - Sexual Discipline (Way 35) (Original Mix)
Fusky - Waxing Gibbous (Way 36) (Original Mix)
Flaminia - Found Within (Way 37) (Original Mix)
Train - Le Monde Est A Nous (Way 38) (Original Mix)
DVKA - Machinery (Way 39) (Original Mix)
Polanski, Volsent - Accelerate (Way 40) (Original Mix)
Alessio Pesenti - The Illusory Cave (Way 41) (Original Mix)
Terawatt - 1TW = 1e+18 mW (Way 42) (Original Mix)
Cordsen - Space Elephant (Way 43) (Original Mix)