VA – The Faceless Exchange Of Beats [Boomsha Recordings]

Tempos and styles modify from breaks,future jungle and vertical up jungle but all the tracks get one required ingredient in general, the breakbeat!!!……….This is in the words of Si 'Breakbeat based music done suitably!' Boomsha Recordings proudly presents 'The Faceless Barter Of Beats'. A compilation album that was curated by identifier holder Daz Breakz and adequate associate of the identification Simon Colebrooke of the eminent 2 Bad Mice. The notion was the brainchild of Si and centers about two things, firstly how producers dispensation their music in this day and age with DJ's and labels without any visage to mush communication due to each being connected in the course the creation large web and secondly and unquestionably more importantly, its a hoard of music from people that we about to be making the finest breakbeat based music.

Pressa - Need U (Original Mix)
Bobby Tee, Vertical Drop - All In Vain (Original Mix)
Redshift - Interdiction (Original Mix)
Bay B Kane - Hanging Tree (Original Mix)
Blood - Fight! (Original Mix)
Pixel - Pacific (Original Mix)
Etch - Fight Talk (Sampledelica) (Original Mix)
D-audi - Airborn (Original Mix)
Schoco - Insanity (Original Mix)
Ilk - Make U Mad (Original Mix)
X-E-Dos - The Apocolypse (Original Mix)
DJ Aitch - The Orbit (Original Mix)
Nickynutz - Mirage (Original Mix)
Rolling Paper - Grotty (Original Mix)
Vertical Drop - A Quick Skank (Original Mix)
Sound Shifter - Darkest One (Original Mix)