VA – The End Of Summer [Cold Breath]

Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the crowd

Bring Bliss, Sonya P. - Wish the Night (Original Mix)
Katrin Souza - Love Me (Original Mix)
Bring Bliss, Marija Trapkiewicz - The Dawn (Dub mix)
Soulfest - Foundation (Original Mix)
Perfect Silence - Tomorrow (Lanx and Lachure Remix)
Katrin Souza - Summer Night (Jagin Remix)
Mizuh - Misunderstood (Bring Bliss Remix)
Vasiliy Goodkov - When I See You (Original Mix)
Tom Strobe - Calling Back (Original Mix)
MalYar, Audiko - Safra (Marsbeing)
Raven Kaafarani - Not from Here (Original Mix)
Raven Kaafarani, Lucas Leo - Lean on Me (Original Mix)