VA – The Elements Of Tech & Bass [DivisionBass Digital]

more than the years his ideas for the events has changed and it has its own consonant variety, He has take place across a lot of extensive up n coming Dj's and producers from the years as the promoter so the inkling of this compilation is to vouchsafe some of Australia's up and coming producers (Artists) some unveiling to alleviate get them and the Australia bop spot some expressively importance honour. The Elements Of Tech & Bass is a ordinary sorority affair based in Sydney Australia by DJ / Impresario & Promoter Thierry D. Thierry D from day one started these events as a bit of fun and also second-hand them to get his foot in the door as he was moral starting up as a DJ and not at all surely knew anybody in the sphere. The Elements of Tech & Bass events be struck by been driving the Sydney association exhibition waste since 2012 and maintain been getting bigger and happier with every affair.

Thierry D - Dark Sunday (Deep In The Jungle Mix)
Massive - State Of Mind (Original Mix)
Thierry D - Losing My Mind (Mark Bionic VIP Remix)
Emetic - Dirty Carpet (Original Mix)
Photonicz - Shiva (Original Mix)
Jayem - Meteorite (Original Mix)
Mark Bionic - In Monsters There's Madness (Original Mix)
Gillittene - Cancellations (Original Mix)
Thierry D - Friday (Original Mix)
Kevin C - HardHome (Original Mix)
Von Lach - Survivor (Original Mix)
Leotrix - Mystik Man (Original Mix)
Capitol e - dub-vom-bomb (Original Mix)
Kevin C - Detroit Chords (Original Mix)
Jenske - Switches (Original Mix)
Gillittene - No Name (Original Mix)
Thierry D - Losing My Mind (Original Mix)
Weedsnatcha - Urban Freerun (Original Mix)
Handsprime - Get Phukked (Original Mix)
Jenske - Pressure (Original Mix)
Von Lach - Anytime (Original Mix)
Mugger - Get Outta (Original Mix)
Thierry D - Elements (Original Mix)