VA – The Best House Club In Town [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an astounding symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the domain

Club 89 - Games on the Sand (Partick Doone's House Mix)
Guy Rich - French Riviera (Plastique Mix)
Claude Dornan - Bambu (Piano Mood Mix)
Marius Rainer - From Space Frequencies (Voyager Mix)
Robert Lee - A Reminder (Sound of House Mix)
Anthony Kahxy - A Reality (Vanguard Mix)
Eddie Heaven - Immersed in Life (Kj & Lil's House Mix)
Base One - Hypnotics (Mental Mix)
Daniel Grant - Count of Disco (Jean Claude's House Mix)
Factor 7 - Barricaded (Flowers and Stones Mix)
Full Philter - Foreign (Sunvibes Mix)
Mac Harone - Dinner Toghether (Yves Carlton's House Mix)
Hector Rubio - Breakfast on the Beach (Gray Movement's House Mix)
Mandragora - Give Me One Coffee (Modell & Mercier's House Mix)
Tony Hub - Happy Island (Night Beach Mix)
Danny Hay - The Great Challenge (Original Mix)
Marshall Wee - Feel It (Jay Ritz's House Rhythms Mix)
Roger Romero - Lakeside Deck (N.Y.C. Night Mix)
Romeo Hillfinger - Down to Ocean (Playbass Mix)
Tom Nigro - A Verse Paintings (6th Groove Mix)
Sonoric Groove - Everything in Motion (The Harmony Mix)
Troy Revelton - Grey Matter (Night Mix)
Victor King - Benji (East Mix)
Mark Dolphin - Haloha (Suflowerz Mix)
Danny Hay - Work It Out (Original Mix)