VA – The B Sides [Technz Records]

A different compilation with the most B sides published on Technz records. Experimental sounds, raryties and other remixes by our usual label artists as Sek7or, Zaitabaita, Assuc, WSM, Ruud S and more.

Assuc - Artificial (Original Mix)
Radiotech - The Wood Ones (Original Mix)
K.Tacere - Dd4 (Original Mix)
Hz f (r) - Cycles (Assuc Remix)
Assuc - Faust (X6Cta Remix)
Nezvil - Dc3 (Original Mix)
Alex Martin - Source Code (Original Mix)
Assuc - Elements (Wsm Remix)
Assuc - The Hidden (Original Mix)
Assuc - Titan (K.Tacere Remix)
pasajero 747, Assuc - Game Over (Original Mix)
Nezvil - Oh My God! (Original Mix)
Ruud S - Here Now (Original Mix)
Bastian Balders - Circulatory Disorder (Assuc Remix)
Assuc - Elements (Sek7Or Remix)
Assuc - Mysterious Darkness (Ruud S Remix)
WSM - Node / / 100 (Zaitabaita Remix)
Maeb - King Of Giants (Original Mix)
Ryan S - Head Hunter (Original Mix)
New Waffen - Introduction (Schaitan Mix)
New Waffen - Johnny's Angelz (Assuc Remix)
X6Cta - Bad Thoughts (Original Mix)