VA – Thai Chill Lounge, Vol.9 [Soi Recordings]

Thai Chill Lounge is back with volume nine. From Tropical House via Instrumental Hip-Hop to good music!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Asuka Miyako - Temple Song (Original Mix)
Araya Kaolang - Summer Breeze (Original Mix)
Baramee Thawan - Phuket Flute (Original Mix)
Somchai - Don Muang (Original Mix)
Said Afeef - Booza (Original Mix)
Sees - Trigger (Original Mix)
13 Crew - From the Rest of Us (Original Mix)
DJ Phixion - Think the Same (Original Mix)
Thai Ragga Collective - Sunny Afternoon (Original Mix)
Doktor Gigi - Rich and Healthy (Original Mix)
Tosa Inu - Mi Goreng (Original Mix)
Val De Mossa, DJ Gotsoul - Los Americanos (Original Mix)
Served When Chilled - Prisma (Original Mix)
Krystian Shek - Candles (RnB Mix)