VA – Techno Resolve [EDM Nerds Records]

Various Artists – Techno ReSolve is the latest release on EDM Nerds Records.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Aiho, WpX - Rolling With The Funk (Original Mix)
Tonikattitude - Canibal Circus (Original Mix)
D-Quattro - Lost Exit (Original Mix)
2 Mind - Troll (Original Mix)
Tavo Under - Thug Life (Original Mix)
Omar Serarcangeli - Clues From A Previous Life (Original Mix)
Ende - Lost Symbol (Original Mix)
Aiho - Jelly Shots (Original Mix)
Longalenga - More Less Than What (Original Mix)
Tonikattitude - Dark Flowers (Original Mix)
Yan Oxygen - I've Been Around (Original Mix)
Thomas E - Gangster (Original Mix)
Nodek - Hybrids (Original Mix)
The Arquitech - Music (Original Mix)
Pablo Muzi3k - Ploy (Original Mix)
Lorenzo D'Ianni - Walking (Original Mix)
Agus O - The Bott (Original Mix)
Franx - Paranormal (Original Mix)
Angelo Dore - Flip Flop (Original Mix)
Zerdicator - Ungeszund (Original Mix)
Itus, Santiago Ciapuscio - Atomic Dimention (Original Mix)
Cameron Thias - In A Dream (Original Mix)
Omar Serarcangeli - Empathy For The Dryads (Original Mix)
Broxart - Aviary (Original Mix)
DAF! - Interplanetary (Original Mix)
Baly - Freedom (Original Mix)
David Pulido - Under Attack (Original Mix)
Nikoretti - Experience (Original Mix)
Loudstage - The Streets (Original Mix)
UP 47, Shiels - Duster (Original Mix)