VA – Techno No Regrets [House Pacific Records]

Techno No compilation with awesome you'll take to!Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from on all sides the c

Nick Fourteen - XFunction (Original Mix)
A.D.M. (Italy), Fra'n'Kie - Time to Disappear (MdS Remix)
Roland Clark, FilthyGeeks, DJ Roland Clark - We Love Our House Music (AbueKev Remix)
Gr-Oy - Lonely Day (Kevin Cheung Remix)
Andrea Suglia - Chords Reduction in Detox Key (DML's Retoxination)
Mar.key - Business (Stereomonotonie Remix)
Karpin Zambrano - Phantom Raim (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Cloudburst (Original Mix)
Joe Demateis - Pig in the Space (Flamen Remix)
Florian Tyack - Shamann (Riccardo M Remix)
Galan - Metro Repercussion (Original Mix)
Dani Giro - Hibrido (Original Mix)
Gracie, Primal Beat - Nobody's There (Original Mix)
The Rockitmen - Elephant's Boogie (Original Mix)
Sergy Casttle - Real Beats (Original Mix)
Rhythm Box - Deafening Silence (Original Mix)
Dirty Cat - Pulse (Original Mix)
Oliver Lamur - Vibora (NIno Bellemo Remix)
The Attorney General - Ignition (Original Mix)
Claudia C. - Fresh Air (Original Mix)
Mike Turrento, Roland Wiesinger - Message (Original Mix)
Alessio Collina - Bad Life (Simone De Caro & Lollo Remix)
Sonntag Records - Der Sonntag ist (610244 Sonntag Nacht Remix)
Marc O'Tool - The Light (Original Mix)
Ricky Ebner - Bora Bora (Original Mix)
The Ventura - Defender (Original Mix)
Max Pollyul - Mosquito (Deto & Gleam Remix)
True Anomaly - Flesh (Original Mix)
Michael Burkat, Henry Cullen - Dirty Bitch (Original Mix)
Ruben Martinez - The Maracas Off Ferrol (Millau Remix)