VA – Techno Aka Techno #15 [7th Cloud]

Compilation / 7cloud385 / Techno, Least Techno, Tech Homestead / THX For Your Aid !Electronic music – an marvellous symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the area

Zurrue - Parametric (Original Mix)
Technolog - Share With You (Original Mix)
Alex Brend - Scope (Original Mix)
Sugrob - Ice Broke Up (Original Mix)
Artur Silver - Artery (Original Mix)
Kledrew - Ancient Memorials (Original Mix)
Julia Chelli - Forecast (Original Mix)
Alex Brend - Volcano (Original Mix)
Hollmspeed - Intergalactic (Original Mix)
Demax - Breakdown (Original Mix)
Alex ll Martinenko - Sound Killer (Original Mix)
Feel Blackside - Wrong (Original Mix)
Valentin Timoshin - Scope (Original Mix)
VOB - Digits (Original Mix)
Wiki Oknel - Troubles (Original Mix)
Artur Silver - Reflex (Original Mix)
Maks Henning - On the Scene (Part 1)