VA – Tech Waves [Traxa-Club]

A Compilation with Tech House Rhythms.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Flushing Cork - Jolly Papaya (Papagayo Mix)
Creeping Segment - Up Absense (Plus Flava Mix)
Institute Android - Roasted Dub (Bassline & House Mix)
Virtually Path - Inspiration (Vincent Lace's Moon Mix)
Mory Gun - Clock Stuff (Apollo IV Mix)
Grody United - Xilitolo (Tom Plaza Mix)
Tax Neglect - Gigabit (Deep Skool Mix)
Shooting Genus - Dyslexic (Heaven Masters's Progression Mix)
Ark Of Principle - Alike Corrosion (Modern Embassy Mix)
Progressive Color - Silky Day (Sonik Mix)
Mory Gun - Western Stressful (North Park Mix)
Mono Erosion - Hotel of the Wired (Todd Castle Mix)
Scarred Slab - Disco Beats (House & Piano Mix)
Broadway Corona - Even Astronaut (Yaka Kawasaky Mix)
Tungsten Reform - Dirty Contest (Red Session Mix)
Trashing Bizarre - Lucky Strike (Who's in the House Mix)
Lion Pillar - Deleted Rewind (Jeff Darko Mix)
The Konte - My Philosophy (Tek No Logic Mix)
K Mion - Growing Up (Amsterdam Mix)
Tek Bros - Low Bridge (Pel & Hato's Club Mix)