VA – Tech House History (delicious Tech House For Dj’s) [Blackpoint Records]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Black Nation - Preacher Drum (Original Mix)
Voodoo King - Ultimate Warrior (Original Mix)
Monofonic, Mad Bob - Musica Marciosa (Original Mix)
Pole Pole - Zuli Madra (Original Mix)
Alex Neuret - Latin Kiss (Original Mix)
Drum Nation - Tela Tela (Original Mix)
Pole Pole - Tofu Beats (Original Mix)
Davidino - Tribal Blitz (Original Mix)
Pole Pole - Congos (Original Mix)
Zulu Crew - Jungle Warriors (Original Mix)
D-Genesis - Hot Coffee (Early Mix)
Neuret - Jungle Riot (Original Mix)
Zhidra - Yubah (Original Mix)
Drum Nation - Dress Code (Original Mix)
Alex Neuret - The Preacher (Heaven Mix)