VA – Tech House Club [Red Kiss]

Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from about the people

  • Release date: 2016-08-26
  • Label: Red Kiss
  • Genre: Tech House
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Hyper Mann - One Hundred Years After (Saurer Man Mix)
Johnny Electro - The Inventor's Secret (Club Mix)
Red Eagle - Red Eagle (Syntetic Mix)
Kubikino - Samlory Groove (Cubik Mix)
Karl Xxl - Artful Kate (Large Grooves Mix)
Anthony Reflex - Eternity City (Cisko Mirror Mix)
The Doctor - Jeckill Tribe (Club Mix)
Space Water - As in a Looking Glass (Percussive Tribe Mix)
4th Dimension - Water Lilies (Open the Door Mix)
Tony Club - Strength and Agility (Martin Kash Mix)
Sound Filterz - Don't Make Me Destroy You (Club Mix)
Tribaphonique - Come DJ Come (Electric Jungle Mix)
Robot 44 - Synphonik Tribe (Robotik Mix)
Tek No - Panorama (1234 Mix)
Deeba - The Electric Villa (Air Mix)
Don Max - Derelict Reporter (Progression of Light Mix)
Inbuto - Change of Spirit (Filter Mix)
Onda Quadra - Impudence Punished (Quantic Mix)
Tony Watt - Zigomar (Rhythm & Logik Mix)
Maximal Machine - Max Victime (Philter Groove Mix)
Strip Fish - Foolshead (Club Masterz Mix)
Electro Mann - The Massacre (Club Mix)
Green Skin - The Invaders (Martian Synt Mix)
Revolution 99 - Evolution B (Beat the Beat Mix)
Electro Tribe - Air Scout (Konga Longa Mix)
Electro Boy - The Only Way Is Up (Mad Desire Electro Mix)
Bimbo Club - I See You in Tribe (Vanguard Mix)
Tekno Beats - She (Xxl Mix)
Electro Lollo - Spirit of Light (Light Mix)
Techno Bronx - Party in America (City Tribe Mix)
Tribal Kong - A Beast a Bay (Black Jam Mix)
Ocean Night - Dundee Courier (Liquid Mix)
Coffee Shop, Jeff Smoke - Coffin Ship feat. Jeff Smoke (Amsterdam Mix)
Akiro Tuwo - Get Rich Quick (Automatic Rhythm Mix)