VA – Talking About Deephouse [House Pacific Records]

The complication of this Deephouse compilation is unparalleled and unbiased surprising…Electronic music – an dazzling symbiosis of cultural traditions from circa the mankind

Simplex Sensus - That Buzz (Original Mix)
Dave Marian, Deephoniq - Wide Shapes (Original Mix)
Travis - Have No Fear (Original Mix)
DJ Sponch - Come On (Original Mix)
Stefano Greppi - I Am (Feat. Andrea Felli) (Original Mix)
Chillelektro - Cassis (Original Mix)
Funkemotion, Rahjwanti - Power in the Key (Original Mix)
Ministry of Da Funk - House Salad (Original Mix)
Andres Lima - Strange (Slow Motion Mix)
DJ Casto - Work It Out (Original Mix)
Thompascal, Hp.Hoeger - People Mambo (The Beatceps Remix)
Sinan Kaya - I've Got a Song to Sing (Original Mix)
Antonio Alterino - Closer (Tobias Kuhl Remix)
Lucefora - Fourth Dimension (Original Mix)
Sergio Gusto - Groove Me (Original Mix)
Living Room - Storm & Rain (Original Mix)
Helly Larson - Rescue Me (Original Mix)
Dylan Debut - All I Need (Feat. Alex O' Brien) (Original Mix)
Sasha Kaktus, Fake Mood - Olovo (Kiano & Below Bangkok Dub)
Sunburnt Octopus - High Hopes (Original Mix)