VA – Tabit X1 Orion – 6 [Cieli Di Orione]

If you are interested in this proposal , entertain telephone and send your demo trail on The Concoct consists of a series of tracks all elegance of Electronic Techno music, selected from the catalog of the denomination distributed by Beatrising,flanked by a broadcast program in collaboration with The-Precinct Transistor Guide. Tabit x1 Orion – 6 compilation is a new work by Giovanni Pasquariello aka Transportation proprietor of the Name.

KAPEG - Rec (Original mix)
Heavenchord - Octagon (Original mix)
Tone - Emperor Sadness (Original mix)
Emanuele Iemolo - Betrayed (Original mix)
Joe De Renzo - Source Code (Original Mix)
Survey Petticoat - Detroit's Vampire (Original mix)
TvSkY - Operating Voltage (Original mix)
Christian Monique - Mermaid In The Deep (Original Mix)
Oleg Zolotarev - Backend (Original mix)
GiaGGio - SiriusA (Original mix)
Luigi Diana - On (Original mix)
Human Robot - Elektra (Original mix)
Vincenzo Pizzi - L'Entusiasmo Di Sophie (Original mix)
Zendoya - Gretta (Original mix)
Eraseland - El Amor Muerde (Original mix)
bexu & Raresh Rush - Cleopatra (Original mix)
Richard Ulh - Wie Essen (Original mix)
DIB - Otaku 003 (Giovanni Pasquariello Remix)