VA – Tabit X1 Orion – 5 [Cieli Di Orione]

The Devise consists of a quotation of tracks all variety of Electronic Techno music, selected from the catalog of the identifier distributed by Beatrising,flanked by a trannie program in collaboration with The-Sphere Crystal set Explain. If you are interested in this devise , see fit phone and send your demo track on Tabit x1 Orion – 5 compilation is a new occupation by Giovanni Pasquariello aka Banishment possessor of the Denomination.

F1avio - Dark (Original mix)
Humana - Eclipse (Original mix)
Pepote - X3 (Original mix)
Anjei Blecher - Hilfe (Original mix)
Hakan Dundar - Deep Conspiracy (Original mix)
Atomatik - Fusion (Original mix)
Antonio Marciano - Hack (Original mix)
Jon Knob - Crosscurrents (Original mix)
Nojer - Black Milk (Original mix)
Joel Calero - Techno Love (Original mix)
Nacim Ladj - Make It Real (Original Mix)
Shamano - Space City (Original mix)
Enki - 2104 (Original mix)
Richard Savani - Ligther Fluid (Original mix)
Tonwerfer and Lamar - Calzado (Original mix)
Christian Monique - Elements (Original Mix)
Oner Zeynel - Panteon (Original Mix)
DJ AKG - Yamru (Original mix)
Giovanni Pasquariello - Pi + Q (Original mix)
Heavenchord - World Of Echo (Original mix)
Scerbas - Headlights On Dark Roads (Original mix)
Biagio Lana - CIGNUS (UNRELEASED) (Original Mix)