VA – Sweet And Deep [Avocado Mango Soup]

Electronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from round the sphere

Moving Boys - Moto Song (Plastic Velvet Mix)
Oblong Silence - Power Bank (Original Mix)
Nezh Timayev - One More (Rob Conero's Deep Voice Mix)
Own Dad - Near Airport (House in Love Mix)
Norma Reagan - Livin' on a Stick (Natural Soul Mix)
Piece Grade - Kiss on the Moon (Babylon Man Mix)
Only Parallax - Deep Orbit (Mark Lopopulonius Mix)
Plastic Ghoul - Purple Dress (Night People Mix)
Oscar Pimp - New Triangle (Patrick Joan Mix)
Pretty Lawyer - Summer Day (Sunshine Theme Mix)
Owen Bridges - Open Mouth (Light Mix)
Pablo Salinas - Toxic Damage (Deep & Star Mix)
Parfait Deblois - Heat Wave (On the Moon Mix)
Perfectly Moody - Fearless (Waxton Asser's House Mix)
Piece Grade - Jazzy Company (Supa Trumpet Mix)
Piet Lorrigan - Drink and Relax (The Bahia's Friends Mix)
Price Dash - Rosetta Cosmic (Sander Rosacroce Mix)
Only Parallax - Morning's Kiss (Light Mix)
Piece Grade - Chic Woman (Pearls & Dust Mix)
Danny Hay - Make My Dream Happen (Original Mix)