VA – Sunset Sensations (the Finest Lounge And Chillout Music) [RexxBeatz]

The finest lounge and chillout music
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

S.O.F., Dr. J. James - Mind Peace (Ambient Mix)
Matt Pincer - Venice (Jamie Duvel's Romantic Night Mix)
Stars Over Foy - Until We Meet Again in Heaven (Vechigen Chillout Remix)
Lisaya, Guido Staps - Falling (Roan Portman Chillout Mix)
Vechigen - No Fear (Jessy Winters Heavenly Chill Mix)
Jamie Duvel - Gift of Magic (Original Mix)
Roan Portman - In Faith We Trust (Original Mix)
Nika, Jamie - Based on Nothing (Original Mix)
Vechigen, Polar Motion - Unconfirmed Stories (Original Mix)
Stars Over Foy - At the End of the Ocean (Ambient Mix)