VA – Sunset In The City: Paris (a Journey Into Deephouse Vibes) [FMC Phonograph]

Vibes & Deep Rhythms in Paris!!!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Anthony Maserati, Lolla Gee - Beyond the Time feat. Lolla Gee (Light Reverberation Mix)
Frank Fusion - The Value of Gold (Vanity Mix)
Glamour Beats, Sandra Winter - The Good Heart feat. Sandra Winter (Mark Kay's Sunrise Mix)
Cris Roberts - Galaxy in My Mind (David Solingo Mix)
Last Eclipse - Eyes Shut (Andrew Cordero's Urban Mix)
Mikuno Uno - It's Not True (Paradise Mix)
Project 111 - All for Sale (Velvet Guitar Mix)
Tony Deep - Discover The Difference (House of Magic Mix)
Adam 1st - That Special Look (Night Waves Mix)
Silk Yander - Just in Time (Maratea Mix)
S Rhythms - Red Wine (Marshall & Farrell's Dream Mix)
Capricorn 77 - Seal It with a Kiss (Blue Light Mix)
Tony Cox - Some Fun Tonight (Vocal Mix)
Xandra, East Boutique - Digital Dances feat. Xandra (Goldfinger's House Mix)
Red Signal - Don't Play the Fool (Infinity Mix)
Kantiko - Move Move the Head (Deep in Heaven Mix)
House Tonique - Too Right (Continental Mix)
Java, Seasons - I Have Found You feat. Java (Horizon Mix)
Alexander Prada - Morning Breeze (Deep Philosophy Mix)
Mark Kay - Dinner at Seven (Modell & Mercier's Deep Mix)