VA – Sunset In The City: New York (a Journey Into Deephouse Vibes) [FMC Phonograph]

Sunset in New York City!
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Java, Seasons - I Have Found You feat. Java (Horizon Mix)
Urban Elements - Feeling of Absolute Peace (The Factory Mix)
Red Signal - Don't Play the Fool (Infinity Mix)
Xandra, East Boutique - Digital Dances feat. Xandra (Goldfinger's House Mix)
The Duke - Shining of Desire (Indo Tribe's Futurized Mix)
Jeff Goldmann - Syndrome Maya (Frequency Mix)
Alexander Prada - Morning Breeze (Deep Philosophy Mix)
Kantiko - Move Move the Head (Deep in Heaven Mix)
Negrosuite, Famma - Spell Breaks feat. Famma (Deep Tonique Mix)
Francoise Leger - Stay Ahead (Fine House Mix)
Hotel 54 - Night Shift (Plaza Mix)
Deep Contamination - Deep Solution (Deeplife Mix)
Emotion - Deep Sleep (Mark Greco's Deep Mix)
Enrique Francoise Botteri - House of Deep (Equinox Mix)
Gold Writer - Over the Deep (Maston & Martin Mix)
Golden Deep - Riverside (Sammy & London Mix)
Beat Essence - Where I Am (Left & Right Deep Mix)
Abstract Dreams - Life (Jong Long's Deep Mix)
Robert Gordon - Attack from Behind (Stars in Action Mix)
Danny Soul - A Tranquil Lake (Lunar Mix)