VA – Sunset In The City: Los Angeles (a Journey Into Deephouse Vibes) [FMC Phonograph]

Los Angeles @ Sunset.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Loveless - Heavy-Handed (Michael Danielson Mix)
Frankie Filter - Forget About It (Urban Mind's Deep Mix)
Modell, Mercier - One Day with You (Red Zone Mix)
Sector One - The Sun Suddenly (The Astronaut Mix)
Aquagrande - The Weather Changes (David Magic's House Mix)
Markus Mueller - Katawab Deep (Long Dream Mix)
Fabrice Princetown - Pushing On (Deep Filter Mix)
Ernst Bentley - Walk with Me (Project 111's Club Mix)
Michael Danielson - Raw Cargo (Guitar Mix)
House Tonique - Too Right (Continental Mix)
Finley Marsden - Your Spirit Is Free (Unlimited Voyager Mix)
Justin Wittle - Dont Be Along (Wolf Caine Mix)
Peter Abelsen - After Play (24 Karat Mix)
Prophetic Solid - Blue Theater (House Solution Mix)
Stereo Kill - Excess Baby (Deep Sounds Mix)
Aerial Revision - Equine Diet (Le Maison Mix)
The Dreamy Snapper - Enjoy (Joy Factor Mix)
Exotic Twilight - Unused Permission (Martin & Aston's Cool Mix)
The Selfies - Ticket to Party (Miami Beats Mix)
Level Of Encore - Loop Think (Natural Beach Mix)